Catalonia: A Culinary and Cultural Tour

Explore Catalonia through the eyes of American chefs! Join the chefs of The Culinary Institute of America on a food and cultural tour of Catalonia, made possible by the generosity of hosts Prodeca. Watch video highlights documenting the region's wines, food products, and gastronomic traditions. Join the chefs of the CIA as they encounter Catalonia's chefs, artisanal food producers, vintners and food experts.   A Catalonian ImmersionA Catalonian Immersion 01-Pastry Cream01-Pastry Cream 02-Suquet02-Suquet 03- Snails & Onions03- Snails & Onions 04- Meatballs & Squid04- Meatballs & Squid 05- Intern Experience05- Intern Experience 06- Alicia Foundation06- Alicia Foundation 07- Pig Farming07- Pig Farming 08-Cava Production08-Cava Production 09-Olive Oil Production09-Olive Oil Production

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