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On behalf of myself, my co-chair Ferran Adrià and everyone at the Culinary Institute of America I want to welcome you to the Worlds of Flavor Spain website.
José AndrésJosé Andrés

You could say that Spain has been experiencing a tremendous creative explosion for the past couple of decades. The result has been a kind of Spanish renaissance in art, film, design, fashion, and especially in the kitchen.

Today many of the world’s leading chefs and restaurants are from Spain. According to Restaurant Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants list, the top restaurant in the world for 3 years running is elBulli in Roses, Spain. In fact, Spain has more restaurants in the top ten than any other country.

Every day it seems more and more cooks from America, and indeed from around the world, are looking to Spain's chefs, restaurants, dishes and ingredients for inspiration. In 2006, the CIA held the Worlds of Flavor conference, Spain and the World Table. It was the largest ever gathering of Spanish chefs, artisans and food experts outside of Spain and a huge success. Not a week goes by that my office does not receive several requests from American chefs for recommendations on restaurants in Spain or from culinary students to help them organize a stage at a Spanish restaurant. They look not just to the cutting edge cooking of vanguard chefs like Ferran and Dani Garcia but also to Spanish traditional food. Just as many American chefs swoon over pintxos and tortilla de patata as they do over espumas and esfericaciones.

And it is not just professional cooks. Spain’s impact has spread beyond professional kitchens. Many American home cooks are trying their hand at traditional paella. Supermarkets across the country are stocking more Spanish ingredients. More Spanish cookbooks are appearing on the shelves in book stores. When Ladies Home Journal runs recipes for romesco and escabeche and Good Housekeeping has a recipe for tortilla de patata, you know something exciting is happening!

With all of this in mind and building on the success of Spain and the World Table, the CIA has designed this website. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Spanish food and wine. We hope you’ll visit often.

Buen provecho!


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