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The Culinary Institute of America and Viking Range Corporation have partnered to bring you the Worlds of Flavor® travel program. These exclusive culinary trips explore the authentic flavors and traditional techniques of cuisines around the globe. But you won’t just eat where the locals eat – you’ll cook where the locals cook.

Led by chefs, authors, and celebrated food experts, each trip offers the rare opportunity to experience everything that goes into these exciting dishes. From scouring the street markets of Saigon to hunting truffles in the Umbrian forests, you’ll be completely immersed in the cultures that created these cuisines. You’ll learn history and technique from local chefs. And, of course, you’ll eat at some of the most amazing restaurants in the world. You may get your hands dirty during the day. But each night you’ll unwind in luxury. No matter where these epicurean adventures take us, we make sure to secure world-class accommodations. This is a vacation, after all.

Due to the intimate nature of these trips, space is always extremely limited. So please make your reservations as soon as possible at, or contact Bridget Engle at or call 1-800-961-9239.

As a culinary professional or serious food enthusiast, we invite you to participate in this groundbreaking educational travel/study program:

SPAIN TRIP (on the Viking website)
Bold Flavors, Bold Designs: The Cuisine and Culture of Northern Spain
September 25 - October 4, 2009

Cutting edge is the word for Spain these days. Whether we’re talking about food, wine, or architecture, what’s happening in Spain is complex, exciting, and innovative — it is a rich source of new ideas, ingredients, and flavors.

This journey will be a fast-paced, but extensive tour of Catalonia and the Basque Country, to see why and how Northern Spain is captivating American audiences with dazzling invention. We will visit star-studded restaurants, markets both ancient and modern, an experimental olive oil producer, pioneering wineries, tapas bars in historic city centers, and some up-to-the-minute buildings that are setting the world of modern architecture on fire.

Spain has always been a country of strong, seductive flavors - rich, red pimenton, saffron, cumin, and some of the finest and most flavorful olives and olive oil in the Mediterranean. But the Iberian peninsula also offers succulent fresh seafood from both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the finest dry-cured hams in the world, an enormous variety of sausages, wild mushrooms, fresh vegetables, spectacular tapas, and an ancient, yet innovative wine tradition that garners praise from consumers and critics alike.

Our tour will take us to Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, to the dramatically beautiful Priorato wine-growing region and the olive plantations of Borges Blancas. Next will be the cool, green Basque country where there are more three-star restaurants per capita than in any other city in Europe. The final stop on this fantastic culinary journey will be in Rioja, where some of Spain’s greatest wines are born.

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