The Institute of Spanish Gastronomy

The Instituto Español de Gastronomía (IEG) project was launched in 2006 to promote a continuing education center in Europe for the gastronomy and wine sectors while at the same time promoting healthy eating habits. Chefs, cooks, food service professionals and corporations, food and beverage companies, hospitality sector suppliers, researchers, writers, journalists or entrepreneurs all have their place at the Instituto Español de Gastronomía. The IEG also works with several central and regional government agencies.

IEG has entered a collaboration agreement with The Culinary Institute of America (the CIA), which advises the IEG on facilities design, curriculum, programming and development. The IEG aims to be the CIA’s leading partner in Europe and the Mediterranean region.

The IEG Advisory Board includes leading Spanish culinary professionals such as Lourdes Plana and Jose Carlos Capel, founders - and director and president respectively - of Madrid Fusión, José Andrés - the widely acclaimed and followed US-based Spanish chef as well as Clara Maria González Amezúa, owner of Alambique culinary retailer and school.

The IEG campus is centered in a 17th century building (see picture), located in Sigüenza, Spain a beautiful medieval town located 50 minutes North-East of Madrid-Barajas International Airport. The site is currently in the process of refurbishment to house the IEG facilities and commercial spaces which include two restaurants and 56 guest rooms and is expected to be operating by the end of 2009.

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In addition to customized corporate programs the IEG will offer catalogue programs for professional skills development, flavour discovery and technology innovation. The duration of these programs will be from one to 5 days with a limited number of three week immersion seminars, mainly oriented to Spanish cuisine and Mediterranean Diet.

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Download more information including the floorplan of the Institute of Spanish Gastronomy here. (Word Document, 655KB)


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