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Spain is in the heart of many of the world's best chefs, food writers and experts. Find out what they have to say about Spanish cuisine in these interviews.

Ferran Adrià is arguably the most influential and admired chef in the world—at least among culinarians. A table at his restaurant, elBulli, in Spain’s Catalonia region, may be the most difficult reservation on the planet. For six months each year, Adrià closes the restaurant to work on devising new culinary techniques and creating the following season’s dishes. He is often credited with introducing the use of the soda siphon to make edible foams. Read more in this interview with Ferran Adriá

Teresa BerrenecheaTeresa Berrenechea
Formerly chef-owner of Marichu, one of New York’s preeminent Spanish restaurants, Teresa Barrenechea now resides in her native Spain. She is the author of The Basque Table and The Cuisines of Spain: Exploring Regional Home Cooking. Read more in this interview with Teresa Barrenechea.

José Andrés is the chef-owner of seven restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, including Jaleo, Zaytinya and minibar. A native of the Asturias region of Spain, he is a protégé of Ferran Adrià and the author of Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America. Most recently he published Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen, based on his 26-part PBS series. Read this interview with José Andrés.

Nancy Harmon JenkinsNancy Harmon Jenkins
Mediterranean food authority Nancy Harmon Jenkins divides her time between Italy and Maine. She is the author of several books on the Mediterranean kitchen, including her newest, Cucina del Sole: A Celebration of Southern Italian Cooking. Having lived in Spain several decades ago, and traveled there often since, Jenkins sees a vivid contrast between Spain then and now. Read more in this interview with Nancy Harmon Jenkins.

Former Saveur executive editor and the author of Catalan Cuisine: Europe’s Last Great Culinary Secret, Colman Andrews was traveling to Spain and writing about its food long before it became a culinary sensation. Not surprisingly, he’s an astute guide to the country’s cooking, past and present. Find out more in the interview with Coleman Andrews.

Journalist Janet Mendel has lived in Spain for 40 years and written widely about that country’s food. Her most recent books are My Kitchen in Spain and Cooking from the Heart of Spain: Food of La Mancha. Years of interviewing housewives and the cooks in tapas bars have given her a deep understanding of the traditional cooking of Spain. Read about it in the interview with Janet Mendel.

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