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The world’s elite in cuisine includes an illustrious group of famous Basques creators, so it is not surprising that Euskadi is one of the largest concentrations of fine restaurants in the world.
More so, traditional Basque cuisine shares the places of honour with tradicional French or Chinese cuisine.

The pleasure of sharing good food is a tradition rooted in Basque culture, as evidenced by the fact that there are over a thousand Euskadi culinary societies whose members meet regularly to enjoy their cuisine. The custom of sharing and enjoying flavours also extends to bars, where the counter displays the tempting “pintxos” delicious and varied snacks.

It’s hard to think of another place in the world where there is such a close social bond to its cuisine. The origin of this symbol of identity and popular idiosyncrasy is in the high quality of its raw materials, the food and drink of the Basque Country.

Enjoying food is crucial and highly beneficial for nutrition.
Encountering authentic tastes, discovering new combinations of texturas and new sensations to the palate, are just some of the experiences that the quality food and drink of the Basque Country offers.

Sharing the table with others has many emotional and social benefits, especially for children, since it ensures a model of healthy eating habits.

The variety and quality of food in the Basque Country are particularly suitable for obtaining all the necessary nutrients in a healthy diet

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