Spanish Flavors, American Menus

The flavors of Spain have influenced chefs around the world. Here are a smattering of restaurants in the United States which are bringing Spanish cuisine home:

Bar César is a tapas bar in Berkeley, California. Partners Dennis Lapuyade, Richard Mazzera and Stephen Singer opened Bar César in 1998 with chef Maggie Pond. They opened a second location in Oakland in 2006. Read about Bar Cesár.

Laïola is a casual restaurant in San Francisco, California. This self-described “California restaurant inspired by Spain” opened in mid-2007 to acclaim. Managing partner Joe Hargrave conceived of the mostly-Spanish wine list, with many wines available by the carafina, or carafe. Chef Mark Denham buys whole pigs and lambs and makes dry-cured sausage on premises. Read more about Laïola .

The Pasta Shop is a fine-foods specialty shop in Oakland and Berkeley, California. Scott Miller is the executive chef of the Pasta Shop, responsible for all its prepared foods. Read more about The Pasta Shop.

Tapeo is a casual restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. Fernando León is co-owner of this popular tapas restaurant, opened in 1995 with his father, Mario León, and partner Patrick Buben. Read about Tapeo.

Mani Dawes, Heather Belz, and Alexandra Raij opened Tia Pol, a 40-seat tapas bar in West Chelsea, New York City, in mid-2004. “It was a runaway hit,” says Dawes. “It has exceeded our expectations.” Read about Tia Pol.

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